How SEO Helps To Increase The Website Ranking

So, you might be thinking that how does SEO helps to increase the website ranking on google search result pages? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Basically SEO is known as the set of practices on your website by following all the google guidelines to please our search engine God which is ”Google”. 

What kind of practices do I mean? well there are hundreds of factors which comes into play when it comes to rank your website in google’s eye. But here are some major factors by which SEO helps to increase helps to increase the website ranking.

Top 3 Factors On Which SEO Helps To Increase The Website Ranking

1. Keyword Optimization

The first and basic factor which is to to optimizing keywords on the web page which you may placed incorrectly. Placing keywords at the right places helps in to telling the google crawler what your page is really about. If your page is about fitness, then you should put the word fitness and related terms on the places which matters the most.

Some essential places to place your keywords are Title tag, Meta tag, in the starting of your 1st paragraph, and URL. And don’t forget to use your main keyword in the content by strategically. 

2. Unique And Quality Content

Whether it is youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Website’s blog content is the one of the top most priority of the respective platforms algorithms in order to rank your website on top of the google page. Many newbies copies content from other website or generates their content from Artificial intelligence which is certainly google hates it, and if our search engine God “google” does not like it how can you expect to rank higher?

Google’s algorithm is quite smart to catch the copied or AI generated content by plagiarism tools. Instead of write your unique and quality content, yeah it can take some time and efforts but it will be worth it.   

3. Backlinks

Yet another essential factor which helps to rank on google search results page is the backlinks. Backlinks are the metric which provides signal to google on how popular and authoritative is your website. When the popular websites points out signal to your website by putting link on their web pages it counted as 1 backlink which ultimately helps in improving your Domain Authority.

Domain Authority plays vital role in google rankings where it tells about your website’s popularity and credibility among the audience.In search increasing Domain Authority many peoples violates google’s guidelines by buying backlinks or manipulating them. It is also important to avoid getting backlink from spammy website to avoid your website being penalized.

4. Technical SEO Optimization

our 4th major factor which dictates your website rankings on google is optimizing your website on technical aspects. It is sometimes gets overlook by many new SEO students they give their most of the time to on-page SEO, but you should also need to make sure that your website’s speed is not very high or your site does not have canonical pages and to check if the SSL certificate is installed or not and many more.

5. User Experience

As world is  becoming digital oriented almost everyone uses phone to browse google instead off PC or laptop, Which becomes top priority of google to ensure their mobile visitors doesn’t face any issues while using it. Therefore, it also becomes major factor for website owner’s to make sure mobile friendliness and providing the best user experience.

User experience basically includes some practices like the buttons and other elements should not be too close, the font size should not be too big or too small to not even understand for the user etc.


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